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What Is Server Statistics?

*** Note*** all ping and response times are tested from several different locations. We take all responses and find the average. You may experience faster or slower responses depending on your location to the hosting company’s servers. All information provided here is merely a snapshot of expected traffic/response times you will see with a given hosting provider and are not 100% accurate.

Why do we need your main server IP ?

Easy, in each of our server hosting company listing we provide potential customer’s with a “Game Server Status” feature. This will show customers that there are active servers running and uptime charts (Coming soon) they can review for stability.

We have written custom networking scripts to validate uptime/ping/load/etc on game servers. We will be constantly updating this area with more detailed information and benchmarks. Below is an example of what it will look like as of right now.

More to come a panel for you to login to and check your uptime/ping/load change ip for it to run test on and notife you when your server goes offline. You will also be able to embed the code right into your website for your future clients to see.


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You will receive a email when it goes down and when you login to the panel you get uptime/downtime and ping stats/reports. More features will be added soon!