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At RevoltServers, we know how to host game servers. All of our staff are professional, and they’re paid to know what they’re talking about. Our servers are powered by full time 24/7 top of the line dedicated networks & servers.. Our datacenter in North America is owned by OVH and is equipped with 180GBP/s DDOS protection, It’s a pretty badass datacenter. Although the location of the datacenter is south eastern Canada, connection is great from coast to coast.

This is due to the fibre-optic cable coming from the datacenter which runs throughout Canada and the US. When it comes to hardware, our game services run off Windows, while our web services run of Linux. Our minimum specs consist of at least Intel Xeon E3-1245 V2 3.4Ghz Quad Cores, eight threads memory, 32GB ECC DDR3 RAM. Summary for those who don’t like reading Locations: North America, Europe Coming Soon Hardware: Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 3.4 GHz+ 32 GB+ Operating Systems: Game servers run on Windows 2008R2, Web Servers run on Linux DDOS Protection: Our North American location comes equipped with 180GBP/s protection, free of charge.

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Date Founded: Jan 2014
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