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JJServers LLC has been operating since October 2011. When we opened, we made sure to be different. After being clients of other hosting providers for multiple different games we were disappointed at this industries dishonesty. We are committed to be transparent, available for support, and have high uptime. JJServers is a company built and managed by gamers for other gamers. All of our employees are hand selected and only the most qualified are hired. All of our employees are dedicated to providing the best support through support tickets, live chat, and phone support. As all of our employees are active gamers, they understand your frustration and are better able to serve you. When we started JJServers we wanted to provide top quality support. Support tickets are answered within 20 minutes on average, and we guarantee a 12 hour ticket response time. Other game server providers often do not have enough staff to provide quality support to their clients. This means you could be waiting as long as 12-72 hours to get support. We also wanted to go a step further than just offering the standard support, so we provide live chat and phone support. This allows you to instantly contact a staff member and instantly get your problem solved. If the staff member cannot help you due to the complexity of the problem or is unfamiliar, our staff will get you in contact with someone who is knowledgeable and can help you. Before going to a new datacenter we often spend months debating which datacenter will meet the needs of our clients. We understand that our clients need the best connection as well as the most uptime. We also strategically pick new locations for our servers that will provide the best connection to the most people. This allows your entire community to have a wonderful connection!

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Date Founded: October 2011
Website: http://www.jjservers.com
E-Mail: [email protected]

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  1. Houlihan says:

    I am a dad with three minecraft-crazy kids, who wanted a server to play on with their friends. I have a little bit of tech knowledge, but can’t keep up with all of the knowledge necessary to run a minecraft server by myself. I set up a server at jjservers with their “managed account” feature, and they have been very helpful in keeping the server up and running through countless new editions of Bukkit and plugins. They have a control panel through multicraft that allows mods to be selected and installed through a checklist (including my favorite plugin as a dad – “NoSwear”). And when I reach my technical limit, jjservers’ staff are responsive and very patient. I recommend this host for folks who are not technical wizards.

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