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 Established in 2011, Execore Hosting LLC strives for the utmost quality possible. Using high powered Server grade hardware and only premium dedicated unmetered network. Currently offering locations in Chicago and New York, and expanding. All servers are hosted on at least a Quad Core Xenon Processor and on a 100 mbit unmetered network.


Coupon Code:GH-25
Date Founded: August 2011
Website: http://www.execorehosting.com
E-Mail: [email protected]

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  1. dsgassassin says:

    “The Diamond Sword Gaming community has been using Execore as our host for over 2 month now. We love the fast service, fast response and excellent quality of the Execore Team. Our servers are run with high quality by Execore and all problems are resolved within a few hours. No lag on the servers ever, if its full or not. Exellent gaming panel and the cheapest prices around. I would reccomend everyone uses Execore.”



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