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DigIt Servers is a company truly dedicated to the community and our customers. We have spent well over 6 months perfecting and testing our infrastructure to ensure that your gaming experience on our services is the best it could possibly be. We use the absolute latest in Intel Xeon processors – The Xeon E3 Haswell line. We feel these processors are the best choice for game servers due to their higher clock rates and impressive single-threaded performance, which is what every game server demands.

We have paired this impressive processing power with Samsung 840 EVO SSDs – Which are some of the fastest on the market today.
These SSDs are amazingly fast and durable, making them perfect for our needs as a Premium-grade GSP. Great hardware is nothing without a world-class network, so we have located ourselves at Steadfast Networks in Chicago, IL. Powered by providers such as Level(3), nLayer / GTT, NTT America, Inteliquent, tata Communications, and Cogent – And route optimized by InterNAP FCP devices – we are able to promise low latency and great routing to nearly any client!
Above all, we value support. We have Support Representatives & Technicians located around the globe, for TRUE 24/7/365 support. Our representatives have owned their own servers and communities and know what it takes. We understand your frustration when a server is laggy or host is sub-par! Give our small start-up a chance today!

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Date Founded: Jan 2013
Website: http://www.digitservers.com
E-Mail: [email protected]

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