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We sell game servers, Dedicated Servers, Minecraft servers, voice servers, and web hosting and more for reasonable prices. A superb uptime of 99.9% with no lag! We provide comprehensive technical support because we treat you like a friend not a customer. You have access to an all-in-one panel for your services.

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 Wicked Game Servers was launched late 2012 looking to offer the best slot prices with little to no lag or poor performance, and we more than exceeded our goals! We offer 20+ game servers and are adding more and more! Come see why we are growing so rapidly and why people are making the switch!



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 Lag? Our relationship with our customers is quite simple: as gamers who know the sheer annoyance of working with shoddy, laggy, and unreliable hosts, we are only truly happy when our customers are enjoying uninterrupted online play. From our experience, we know that settling for low quality game hosting is just plain stupid in the long run; battle hardened

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 24/7 on-site technicians * Large, active and growing community * Only incredibly high-spec servers used * Unrivalled technical support * Amazingly low prices for services offered * Great range of products to choose from We offer GameServers, Dedicated Servers, Domains and Webhosting Check us out today.

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