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At RevoltServers, we know how to host game servers. All of our staff are professional, and they’re paid to know what they’re talking about. Our servers are powered by full time 24/7 top of the line dedicated networks & servers.. Our datacenter in North America is owned by OVH and is equipped with 180GBP/s DDOS protection, It’s a pretty badass datacenter. Although the location of the datacenter is south eastern Canada, connection is great from coast to coast.


Apex Minecraft Hosting is a top provider of minecraft server hosting. They use the best available hardware with great support at affordable prices.


DigIt Servers is a company truly dedicated to the community and our customers. We have spent well over 6 months perfecting and testing our infrastructure to ensure that your gaming experience on our services is the best it could possibly be. We use the absolute latest in Intel Xeon processors – The Xeon E3 Haswell line. We feel these processors are the best choice for game servers due to their higher clock rates and impressive single-threaded performance, which is what every game server demands.


LowHop NETWorks, was purchased by DCAD Productions LLC of Florida USA. DCAD Productions LLC also operates StarLiteHosting.Com a Web Hosting Company. LowHop NETWorks at this time has Game Servers in Los Angeles CA, Atlanta GA, Lenoir NC and Roubaix France. These servers utilize TCadmin and Multicraft for user selected control panels.

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