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Our Mission Quality Game Server Hosting We want your gaming experience with us to be nothing but exceptional. We spend a lot of time picking out the right software, hardware and monitoring systems to provide you with the rock solid, ultra-reliable experience you get from Blue Fang Solutions. We are gamers just like you, always pushing our machines to the limit to give the best performance possible. Reliable Voice Servers Tired of your voice server crashing and not come backup. Tired of having your community not having a reliable voice server? Look no further, we specialize in hosting all types of voice server software from small to large scale installations. Unparalleled Customer Service This is what sets us apart from the rest! We are almost always available on voice chat, online web chat and email. We make every attempt to address all your questions and issues as quickly as possible. With initial contact response times in the minutes we strive for the best support possible. CURRENT LOCATIONS: – Philadelphia, PA – Dallas, TX – Los Angeles, CA – Chicago, IL – Dusseldorf, Germany

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Date Founded: April 2012
E-Mail: [email protected]

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  1. KatKat says:

    I was new to hosting a large game like Ark, so I needed a LOT of help!

    Thankfully I found Bluefang Solutions! Their support response time is lightning fast, there’s little to no downtime at all. What Bluefang does is make hosting a server extremely easy!

    They help me add mods, help me keep those mods updated, and also update the server if I happen to be at work. All I do is submit a ticket asking if they’ll do something for me and they’ll do it within an hour (usually about 5-30 minutes)! I recommend BFS for all of your hosting needs!

    P.S Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

  2. Sedeena says:

    We’ve had a Life is Feudal server with this company for less than a month. At first everything was going smoothly. We did have a crash that corrupted our server files though. Being novices at this (our mistake of course) we didn’t think of doing backups ourselves, we figured it was an automatic thing. It was not, so of course we had to restart the server from scratch. This was all fine, but come to find out we were flat out lied to that they had contacted Bobik (the developer) about our issue. I received a message today stating that he had no idea about any of this and never received any kind of information or communication from Josh, the CEO.
    We later became the victims of a DDOS attack just this past Saturday. Our server has been down since then, and is currently as of this moment STILL down. We were given to understand that the only DDOS protection this company provides for their smaller game servers like ours, is just a firewall. They do not IP ban, and they do not port block as it is too difficult for them to maintain and upkeep. They told us that if we do not turn our server off for the duration of the attack, they will be forced to terminate our service due to their other clients on our server box also not being able to access their games/services.

    I understand that this will probably be under speculation from the company itself, and there will most likely be a snarky comment about how terribly wrong I am as well. However, I am writing this on behalf of all of our players on our server that have stuck with us through this. Thanks guys!

    PS. Please stop accusing our new host provider of poaching your customers. Feel free to contact me about the Mantis report Bobik sent denying your contact.

  3. Bill Smithe says:

    I’m not gonna be a jerk – but, all the 5 star reviews don’t sound a little like a snow job? “Omg, they r so amazing!!!” etc. etc.

    I bought a server from these guys – I needed to delete a file – their online file manager mysteriously wouldn’t allow it. I lost my user base, and it cost me money. Are they better than the rest? No. Are they okay? No, this was substandard. Would I use them again in the future? No. It cost me thirty-five dollars to realize the expensive guys aren’t the best guys. Have fun and good game.

  4. rivak2 says:

    By far Blue Fang’s Support and Service is outstanding. They answer tickets promptly and even help set up your server as they downloaded some stuff that made my life a lot easier (I hosted a 7DTD server and they added Alloc’s fixes and even helped me a ton with the server manager site that adds Zcoins and stuff). Wow, these guys really work to keep you. By far the best server and support I’ve ever seen.

  5. marshallsmith says:

    After find bluefangsolutions for the first time at (Blocked) I can say that I have always been 100% happy with their service and cost of their products. You really do get bang for your buck with this company and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality server at an affordable price.

  6. Otacon212 says:

    If you are looking for a server this is the place to go, i have used many servers from Bluefang including Arma2,Arma3,space engineers,Garry’s mod,Starbound, and many more including a teamspeak server that is used everyday, its a great service at a great price, and the tech support is the best i have ever came across, most places you email and it takes days sometimes, with them i was contacted immediately and the issue was resolved in less than 10 minutes.

  7. Intrinto says:

    Great Customer serves and support they allways respond to my tickets with in 5-10 minutes, Great quality equipment, ping time is low,
    i am playing Space engineers, and there is no Jitters or jumps.
    everything is smooth,
    they had my server up and ready for me to play with in 20 minutes ..
    cant ask for a better serves..

  8. tonylopez121912 says:

    these guys are awesome i had gtx they sucked no helped had survival servers they sucked went to vylayer they sucked balls everywhere i’ve gone nothing but disappointment but here at blue fangs holy crap they stayed up one night with me and my dev team for like 4 hours to figure whats wrong got the server fixed helped me out and got my server up and running and got my players back online i wouldnt go any where else and that’s why i brought all 5 of my servers over to these guys dont go any where else easy ui easy transfer with FZ and Hedisql just so easy and painless and simple great prices and Craig and Josh are awesome amazing

  9. Editutes68 says:

    I have been with BlueFang for a few weeks now, and they are fantastic. Have an arma 3 server running Altis Life, never used a host before, and had tons of questions and tickets, which they answered VERY fast, and always a real person ( no macro responses ) i paid for silver support ( so cheap ) and they even set my mysql database up for me when i tried and failed. I started of with a 64 slot altis life server ( with bec and a free mysql ) and i now also have a 16 slot arma 3 running altis life as a dev server. FTP access to both, schedulers and scripts running, and with my server full to max, no lag whatsoever!!! I cannot recommend them highly enough, if you are thinking of renting an arma 3 server ( or any server ) you will not beat these guys on helpfulness and how fast and intelligently they answer your requests and tickets. 5 stars 10/10. I plan to get another 64 slot server from them asap.

  10. robby G3 says:

    AMAZING service! New to renting servers and had no idea what i was really getting into but the customer service was outstanding! Walked me through the whole way THANK YOU Craig M.!

  11. impulse says:

    I currently have a subscription with Gameservers and began looking at other options just recently. I have contacted BFS on a few occasions now and must say that their Customer Support is FANTASTIC. I will be switching my subscription over from Gameservers to BFS at the end of my current month and must say that I am very optimistic based on what I have seen thus far.

    Also, they are in the process of developing new features for their Control Panel as well as other areas. If you are searching around for a potential server host and value CUSTOMER SERVICE, give these guys a shout. You won’t be disappointed 🙂

  12. agape says:

    I am hosting an early access game, Planet Explores with Blue Fang Solutions. I must say that I have had my expectations exceeded.

    After purchasing my sever I submitted a ticket to see how long before my sever would be available. To my surprise within 2 minutes I had a reply that they where working on it and I will receive more information shortly. Sure enough 5 minutes later I had all my server info and was on my server playing.

    I had a couple issues with the game configuration which they promptly helped me with and I must say I am one happy customer. I was so impressed I purchased a Teamspeak from them as well.

    If you are ready looking for game or voice server hosting these are the guys to see. Thumbs up!

  13. Salvator3 says:

    The service at Blue Fang Solutions is unbelievable good. They replied to my ticket request IN 2 MINUTES!

    My ticket request was about asking a questing on how to do something.

    My order was processed quickly, with no problems and my server was up and running in less and 30 minutes.

    I have never had better service from a company in my life!

  14. zombklr88 says:

    ugh star that last post should be a 5 star :/

  15. zombklr88 says:

    I have used this server provider a good bit now. and let me tell you they have one of the best costumer support groups i have seen in a long time. They are quick to reply and solve any problems or questions i may have. i heavily suggest always going platinum support with these guys, as they will help with every detail u could imagine. i recently purchased a Minecraft server and had quite a bit of requests i wanted for a bukket server and they where more than happy to fill all my criteria. these guys really know their stuff. If u want a professional Quality server look no further than BlueBangSolutions. the quality and performance of these servers are very impressive. GOOD work!!!

  16. WrathPhoenix says:

    PhoenixNet is a great community of close friends who play various indie games together and maintain a personalized set of mods for them as well. We have gone from game to game, recently from Starbound and over to 7 Days to Die.

    As the main financier of the hosting solutions, and the guy who usually coordinates with server hosts I was looking for a replacement to our old host who was shut down. It was important to me to have a good company I could go to with specifics when necessary and have the needs met, and having great and personable support was just as important. BlueFang certainly meets these goals. We have a thriving but small 7 Days to Die server up and are now contemplating moving our Planet Explorers server over as well.

    I would recommend them to any group seeking a powerful server which is cost efficient and wants to be certain theyll get responsive customer service.

  17. Silverlionfederation says:


    Great company, with awsome server to a good price. They do also have a great support team which can get your server up and running in couple of hours. I had both my Arma 3 server in BlueFangSolutions, and my servers are going to stay in BlueFangSolutions! 🙂


  18. CantFindIt says:

    Was having alot of issues with this server for ArmA3. Files were courpt and not loading etc… But with the online support staff(Josh), they were able to get my server working in less than hour with mods working. Amazing support.
    10/10 Would definitely recommend

  19. Stage3rides says:

    I made a account just to say how good this hosting service is. Their customer support id just out of this world! one of their techs even spent the time to go into my files to fix one of the coding I had screwed up! Once again these guys are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Markyle says:

    I’ve been met with nothing more than a determined group of individuals who’s mission is to provide customers with a consistent performance of server quality along with dedicated customer support around the clock. Highly recommended.

  21. knightx says:

    T company is pretty solid… I’ve rented quite a few different gaming servers from this company back and forth. All of my requests I made, they have always been very flexible and helpful. Little things like when I requested to have McMyAdmin setup on my Minecraft server or switching server locations. I think these little things are important because with bigger name brands it’s always pain to have small things done. There was no hassle and it was always done within 2-3 days. Unlike most companies they offer support to their customers over steam and teamspeak. I think this is great especially if you need direct feedback over your service and it saves the trouble of writing a ticket when you can get a quick direct answer for a simple question. Company is not as big as name brand server providers but I think this is a positive. My interaction with the company has always been with a small group of dedicated employees who care about their business so there’s a personal interaction involved that makes you feel more than just another customer. One of the guys that stands most out from the group would be Jose. He does all their technical stuff so whenever we had those type of issues the guy handled them really well and I learned quite a lot from him.

  22. althalos says:

    I have been with for over 6 months now. I started with them in December when 7 Days to Die was released and I now host my minecraft and Arma 3 server with them.

    Their service is bar none the best, they are knowledgeable and helpful. They seem to answer my tickets almost instantly and have gone above and beyond to help me with hosting questions and game issues.

    They are active in the communities within the games they host and are great help on forums as well. I 100% recommend these guys for all your game and voice hosting needs.

  23. Last_Captain says:

    I’ve used BlueFangsSolutions off and on again for a long time. I’ve never had any problems with them or there servers. They were always around when I needed help with something. I’ve used them for minecraft servers and Mount and Blade: Warband servers. All of which ran great. They even took the time to help me set up my Warband server step by step. I recommend for server hosting. I also hosted a Teamspeak from them with no problems at all.
    Keep up the good work BlueFangSolutions!

  24. Harker says:

    Bought my younger cousin a supscription for a dedicated minecraft server for his birthday and since none of us know a whole lot bout how to mod things, we added a feature blue fang offered. The feature was 24/7 online help. Not the help feature where you leave a help ticket and they get back to you but instant support for install and all things minecraft (this happened via skypechat).
    At first the guy was very helpfull (as the support help told us, he was the only one assigned to this minecraft service wich in it self seemed kinda weird since it is such a popular game but what do i know) but not soon after, the help was no longer 24/7 and the server itself was well changed from what had been installed of mods and the like.
    And still the bill is the same. So long story short.
    Im happy for the people who are satisfied with what they got from blue fang but i am not. And his friend also got the same supscription and same story. So be ware of blue fang.

  25. Phil says:

    Do not use this company. Terrible service as server goes down regularly, as in weekly. Last time my server was down literally over 48 hours. Then when I requested a refund they refused. They’re clearly novices in this industry. Stay away!

  26. sp4wn7 says:

    Pros: Generally good service, as the staff seem committed to what they do.
    Cons: Ddos attack downtime for servers was a weekly occurrence for me. I was also given not so correct information when I requested (a day after I purchased the subscription) a downgrade in subscription from a 64 slot to a 16 slot server to reduce cost. I was advised that they could simply extend my subscription from a year to two years for a 16 slot server. No refund was offered. I later became so dissuaded by the weekly ddos attacks that I requested a refund at a prorated rate. To which I was advised that it was past 60 days so they couldn’t by Josh.

  27. Rohr says:

    Is a really great game hosting company. I am currently the head of Frost-Tactical gaming clan / community across the board we have 7 servers from teamspeak3 to Kingdoms Rise to Minecraft and many more. The support I get from any of bluefang reguarding these services is awesome they reply to my tickets within 30 minutes and even add the touch to contact me via steam message or on teamspeak itself to let me know whats going on and when its fixed. These guys sure know how to add the personal touch to make their customers actual buisness feel appreciated and take the extra steps to provide keen service 24/7.

  28. vyxxtor says:

    Really great service, been with them for a while now and its really stable all the time, near immediate responses when you have issues or questions I definitely recommend

  29. Jorgesi101 says:

    Hello, my name is Jorge Leader of the 8th Kings Regiment of foot and I have been lading this Regiment Around for about 3 years and in that time I have bought from many different server hosting companies, But there hasn’t been one like Bluefang to make you feel so at home and super friendly atmosphere.

  30. adncarter says:

    First time customer. I must say, best customer support. Just started using them, and not only did they answer friendly. I think I have a man Crush on Josh and Jose. Spoke with them on Teamspeak3 on their server. Super friendly, super professional. Not only did I find a reliable, great pinging server, I found friends! I look forward to a business, and personal relationship with these guys for a long time. Thanks BlueFang!

    5/5 from me!

  31. nova says:

    Overpriced, terrible service, and unprofessional conduct in every inch of this company. Stay away from Bluefang. They will rob you blind and wont help you at all. They have an online support system but they don’t bother to even use it when one of their clients needs help. Horrible company… stay away from them.

  32. Molly says:

    Our server got ddosed the other day and they helped ban the offenders and get our server back to playing normal. Very on the ball and helpful as well.

  33. ThisIsaHex says:

    Best Jedi Academy Servers
    Great Support & Customer Service

  34. MackCW says:

    I am not a friend of the owners or anyone associated with Blue Fang. I am just a simple customer.

    I bought a server at the reccomendation of Thundersnow and boy have I been impressed. No lag, quick and easy access to your files and professional help. Josh was always on steam and despite some sometimes hilariously bad questions he still helped guide me as I set up my server. Wonderful service and product!

  35. windshaft says:

    Best server i ever had blue fang solutions should salute the servers of mb2.

  36. Dorito says:

    Awesome ping, Awesome server locations, and very good support.. all at a price you can’t beat!

  37. herk says:

    Easy support, fast, cooperative, and user-friendly. BlueFangSolutions is a company that I feel comfortable and secure with because of their fast customer service. Highly recommended for their superb hosting abilities.

  38. Paradine says:

    Me and my friends have been using Bluefang for a while, and they have yet to disappoint. Great customer service, along with great prices with a variety of server locations. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a quality server host with friendly and helpful staff.

  39. Skee says:

    These guys know servers! For the incredible service they provide, their pricing is both fair and affordable! They are a seeming panacea to servers prone to dos attacks. They’re my quintessential heroes of the internet!

  40. Rigs says:

    Great host, stable, and is able to counter any ddos attacks.Has never crashed, has a good price, and is pretty fast even tho im european.

  41. Kooooooo says:

    In a time when servers are attacked, lagged and interrupted by the maliciousness of others, Bluefang stands strong and tall against the vile capriciouness that would do us wrong.

    I salute you Mr. Fang!

  42. Apex says:

    Great and easy support, if you have a problem it’s fixed fast, they’re good at preventing server crashing, and they’re overall a reliable hosting company. I highly recommend them.

  43. Phozan says:

    Blue Fang Solutions has provided cheap, good service. Any problems I had were solved very quickly. My tickets were answered within minutes. They’ve also stopped numerous DDoS attacks on my server. Keep up the good work BFS

  44. steve says:

    I have to say tanner’s review seems like defamation from one of BFS’s competitors and should be researched. I was a long time customer for the movie battles mod and warband and can say with 100 percent certainty that it does not take two weeks for them to answer a support ticket. They have near 24 hour customer service and even have a team speak you can join to directly speak to the owners. They have some of the best prices and they truly care about your clan’s success. Josh has almost all of his clients on steam or x fire and is always willing to assist you. Furthermore him and Jose are willing to work hours to find fixes to DDOS attacks. The movie battles mod has serious problems with ddosers and they worked very hard and actually found fixes to each attack.

    They bend their backs backwards to satisfy their customers. They are gamers at heart and know what its like for a server to be down. Tanner’s review trully seems fradulent.

  45. Tanner says:

    These guys are terrible. They rip their clients off and provide extremely poor service. They do not respond to any tickets you send them unless its in two weeks. There is always downtime that can last a week at a time and they have no ddos protection so when they get ddos attacked say goodbye to your server for a good long while.

    I do not recommend these money hungry clowns. Go with anyone else just not these guys. All the previous reviewers are friends of the owners and not actual customers…

  46. Baratheon says:

    Myself and the gaming community I am a part of have been with BlueFangSolutions since opening day. They helped turn out Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars community into the titan it is today, and have been integral to our continued success.

    Their servers run beautifully. Their customer service is second to none. Their staff love what they do and are a joy to play and work with. Set up is quick and smooth, and maintenance is speedy as well.

    They have a huge selection of games that they host and are often playing them along side you and your friends. I recommend them to everyone I know and will continue to support them.

    Thanks for your services guys! Keep up the good work!

    -Baratheon from the 57e and NEC community.

  47. cheeseypants says:

    I have been buying for almost a year now, a amazingly quick server set up, a HUGE improvement from my last provider. They kindly taught me how to add maps successfully and I couldn’t be happier. Server up-time and quality is great.

    Thank You skinner and the rest of BFS

  48. says:

    Ive been with BlueFangSolutions pretty much from the day they started, I’ve used them for Mount and Blade at 1st then used them for Chivalry Medieval Warfare and also use them for our Day Of Defeat Source provider, they have NEVER let me down, their support is fantastic and server quality and performance is TOP NOTCH. If uour looking for a server provider I personally Highly suggest you go to Today.


  49. Beats says:

    Brought my Chivalry clans servers to Bluefang after becoming very unsatisfied with another company. So far I’m very impressed, their prompt support, and professional attitude, earn them my whole hearted recommendation.

  50. Goose says:

    Blue Fang Solutions is simply amazing. If you are wanting to set up a server for a game you love these are the guys you should go to, the customer service is purely awesome the day my server was up and running I got one on one help “On” my server where I could play a game of counter strike source against the CEO and get all of my questions answered, now that is what I call great dedication and hard work to please their customers. Recommending these guys to anyone who appreciates being helped quick, having great a great time and the best of the best quality servers. Thanks again BlueFangSolutions!

  51. Jamma says:

    These guys rock and get the job done and respond in a quick timely manner, not to mention they are a friendly group of of people. I would recommended them to others as they provide great service and game servers at an great price.

    Thank you BlueFangSolutions.

  52. TjDark says:

    Such an amazing group of guys they helped set up my minecraft server. All I know is I love minecraft and wanted a server that myself and my friends could enjoy I can say first hand that I have no idea how a server runs or how It works but the guys at BlueFangSolutions did an amazing job setting it up with everything I could want. I have yet to have a problem with anything but I am sure if anything does come up they will do everything in their power to get it back up and running to its full potential as fast as they can. The people that I have talked to who work for the company are amazing there is always someone on for the most part I am sure they working there butts off to keep everything flowing.
    Thank you everyone at BlueFangSolutions you guys are amazing keep up the great work.


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